043. Australia is “Gum stuck to the bottom of China’s shoe”

Australia is “Gum stuck to the bottom of China’s shoe”

By J. R. Nyquist
May 6, 2020

China is falling back on brutal threats, bullying tactics, and invective, to thwart an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. The Atlantic headline on 19 March said, “China is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World.” But now, China avoids blame by open menace.

It is well known that Chinese officials have covered their tracks in Wuhan. It’s a matter of public record. We still don’t have the full story. We don’t know how the virus became infectious, or how it got out of China’s level-4 virology lab. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says there is plenty of evidence the virus came out of this lab. But Chinese officials continue to deny the facts.

If you criticize China for lying about the virus, expect invective from the Beijing’s state-controlled press. Expect threats, subtle and unsubtle. Expect to have your motives maligned. China’s media puppets will pour raw sewage on anyone who lays out the facts.

Recently the Chinese press has attacked U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, calling him a liar, an enemy of world peace, and a partisan stooge. China’s Global Times accuses Pompeo of “a vicious attack fueled by politics, intelligence, and diplomacy.” According to the Chinese media, Pompeo’s behavior is “filthy” and “defies the essence of science.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants an investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 virus. “It would seem entirely reasonable and sensible … to have an independent assessment of how all this occurred….” The Chinese press doesn’t agree. According China’s media, Australia is “gum stuck to the bottom of China’s shoe.” According to the Global Times: “The Morrison government’s adventurism … is in defiance of rational thought and common sense.”

If someone were to invent bullying behavior from a totalitarian state, who could invent better lines than these? Australia is vulnerable to China’s growing military preponderance. If Australia was threatened with invasion by an overstretched Japanese military in 1942, the situation is much worse with regard to a Chinese invasion in 2020.

In raw military terms: China outnumbers Australia at sea 300 to 50 in warships; 5,200 to 309 in warplanes. With regard to land forces, China has over 250 infantry divisions, 8 armored divisions and 17 artillery divisions against Australia’s 12 brigades (a brigade being smaller than a division). Worse yet, Australia has no nuclear weapons while China is a nuclear superpower.

To his credit, Prime Minister Morrison has not backed down — despite subsequent economic bullying from the Chinese ambassador. We have to ask ourselves if China’s behavior toward Australia is reasonable. Is it civilized? What kind of relationship should America have with country that sees our ally as “gum stuck to the bottom of China’s shoe”?

It was a grave mistake of President Nixon to open relations with Communist China, of President Carter to open trade with Communist China, of President Reagan to build up Communist China. We have helped a formidable enemy become a great power. This lack of foresight has landed us in a difficult situation. If we had moral sense to begin with, and if we had been honest, these errors would not have been made; for seeing that China’s leaders were functionaries in a vast system of murder and oppression, we would not have helped them, or partnered with them.

In the coming days we will be subjected to intensive propaganda. China’s business partners in the pharmaceutical and other industries will be applying the screws to our politicians. There is a word for businessmen who push the agenda of a foreign enemy, who set aside patriotic feeling for the sake of corporate profit. This word is “treason.” If anyone thinks Americans have forgotten this word, they are mistaken. If big business continues to take China’s side, then big business in this country will be finished. It will be “gum stuck to the bottom of America’s shoe.”

The same logic applies to politicians who support Chinese initiatives, who support “global governance.” Everyone needs to understand what is coming. It is time to choose sides. It is time to choose wisely.

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