002. International Criminal Court processing virus complaint against China


‘The world demands justice for the death and destruction they have caused’
WND Staff By WND Staff
Published April 7, 2020 at 7:38pm

An official with the International Criminal Court in The Hague has informed lawyer Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch that his complaint against China for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic is under consideration.

Mark P. Dillon, head of the information and evidence unit of the ICC, cautioned Klayman in a letter that the acknowledgement does not mean an investigation has been opened or will be opened by the Office of the Prosecutor.

Klayman said he’s “confident that the International Criminal Court will proceed with a criminal investigation and indict the Chinese leadership.”

“Their crimes against humanity over the COVID-19 pandemic are severe and mounting each minute. The world demands justice for the death and destruction they have caused and continue to cause,” said Klayman, a former Justice Department prosecutor.

“The Chinese people are a good people, but the communist government is evil,” he said. “They will have to answer not just to the Court, but also God.”

The complaint names China, President Xi Jinping and others for allegedly developing the coronavirus and allowing it to escape from their labs.



This seems to be a trending event and can only get bigger and bigger.

China has been the biggest benefactor of globalization and yet it’s been the biggest violator of globalization rules. The West has tolerated China all the way until now when its power hungry political stance unleashed a biological war on the rest of the world.